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RS485 Repeater

RS485 repeater

The RS-485 Repeater/Splitter provides a means of creating electrically separate RS-485 bus segments. The unit provides bi-directional half-duplex communication between a Master RS-485 port and up to five Slave ports.

The unit has three power supply inputs: K2 & K3 (Master), K5 (Slaves 1-4), and K8 (ISO Slave). The slave ports (Slaves 1-4) may be electrically isolated from the Master power circuit. The ISO Slave port may be electrically isolated from Slaves 1-4 and the Master channel. Alternatively, Slaves 1-4 and/or ISO Slave may be driven from the same power supply as the master power circuit.

The RS-485 Repeater/Splitter may be installed inside a Pertronic fire alarm control panel, or it may be installed in a stand-alone enclosure.


  • Master Channel: 1 x RS485 port (IDC plus Phoenix style) connection to/from fire alarm control panel
  • Slaves 1-4 Channel: 4 x non-isolated slave RS485 ports
  • ISO Slave Channel: 1 x isolated slave RS485 port
  • 1 x switch for Master/External power to Slaves 1-4 RS485 ports
  • 1 x external DC input connection
  • 6 x optional 95.3 Ω terminating resistors with jumper links (1 for each RS485 port)
  • 3 x LEDs: DC power; RS485 RX; RS485 TX

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