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Pertronic Industries offer an extensive range of Mimic and Repeater Displays. This includes: LCD Mimics, LED Mimics, Ancillary Peripheral Outputs & Displays, and General Purpose Interface Boards

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8 Way Relay Mimic


Pertronic Industries manufacture a range of RS-485 Ancillary Peripherals for Pertronic fire alarm panels. These products allow project-specific outputs and/or displays to be added to fire alarm systems built with Pertronic panels.

The ancillary peripheral product range includes controller units and output/display units.

The Pertronic 8-Way Relay Mimic provides eight 1 Amp relay contacts. This output unit may be daisy-chained with any number of other 8-Way Relay Mimics and 8-Way LED displays, on a common Ancillary Peripheral Bus, subject to the constraints described in the datasheet.

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8 Way Relay Card (Requires LAC485)

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