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BACnet Gateway


The BACnet Gateway facilitates communication between a Pertronic F220 fire alarm indicator panel and a Building Management System (BMS). The gateway monitors data broadcast by the fire alarm indicator panel and reports specific items to the BMS using the BACnet protocol.

Options in the configuration software allow the gateway to be configured to create BACnet objects representing a wide range of data items from the fire alarm indicator panel. The configuration software may be downloaded from the Pertronic website at

The gateway system consists of a Contemporary Controls BASGatewayLX Gateway Module connected to a Pertronic Industries GPIB-M Modbus Interface. The system is normally installed inside the fire alarm cabinet. It connects to the BMS physical network via an Ethernet port.


  • BACnet interface between Pertronic F220 fire alarm system and building management system
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with auto-negotiation and Auto-MDIX
  • Configurable to create BACnet objects representing various panel states such as:
  • Fire zone “Alarm” and “Isolate” states
  • Fire alarm system global status information including “Sprinkler”, “Evacuate”, along with fault and communication system status
  • Fire alarm system software entities such as "Brigade", "Smoke Alarm", “Call Point Alarm”, as specified in the panel configuration
  • The F220 fire alarm indicator panel can be configured to broadcast data items selected from a large number of entities. (refer to Pertronic F220 technical manual and BACnet gataway installation note for details)
  • GPIB Modbus module has RS232 port for configuration
  • Optically isolated RS-485 port for connection to fire alarm panel
  • Also compatible with F120A

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BASgatewayLX Modbus to BACnet Gateway (Requires Modbus GPIB)

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