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8 Way Common Relay Board

8way relayboard

The Pertronic 8-Way Common Relay Board (8WCOMR) provides eight form C clean contact (unmonitored) outputs from a Pertronic fire system. The board mounts on the fire alarm panel master board. It can also be installed in a remote location, controlled by a Pertronic Ancillary Peripheral such as the 48-Way Open Collector O/P Board (48WOC-IF).

The 8-Way Common Relay Board has 8 single-pole changeover (form C) relays. Each relay is energised by pulling down the appropriate open-collector input on the ten-way IDC input connector (K10). K10 is compatible with open-collector outputs on Pertronic products such as the Pertronic F220 fire alarm control panel, and the 48-Way Open Collector O/P Board.

Each individual relay may be configured in any one of three operating modes. In + mode, the relay will energise whenever the corresponding input is pulled low. In A mode, the relay will energise only if 24 Volt (nominal) dc power is applied to the ACF input (K1), while the corresponding input is pulled low. Similarly in W mode, the relay operates only if power is applied to the Warn input (K2). If these inputs are connected to the fire alarm panel’s ACF and WRN SYS outputs, individual relays may be isolated or disabled when the panel goes into ACF Isolate (A mode) or Warning Isolate (W mode).


  • Eight clean contact relay outputs from eight open-collector inputs
  • Mounts directly on fire alarm panel masterboard for the Pertronic F220
  • Three link-configurable modes for each relay
  • Two independent opto-isolated enable/disable inputs: ACF Warn
  • Red LED for each relaylights up when relay energised
  • Cable tie holes in PCB for retaining the wiring loom
  • Also compatible with Pertronic F100A, F120A and F16e

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8 Way Common Relay Board

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