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Pertronic Industries offer a range of fully monitored power supplies, suitable for powering ancillary fire alarm equipment

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AS 7240 22A PSU V2

24 Volt 22 Amp Supervised Power Supply

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The Pertronic AS 7240.4 Power Supply 22 Amp (24/22PSUV2-7240) provides 28 volt dc power from the mains supply, with automatic battery backup, fault supervision, and optional remote control & monitoring. It is designed for systems built with the Pertronic F220® fire panel, and is well-suited to any “24 volt” (nominal) AS 7240.2-compliant fire system.

During normal mains-powered operation the load is supplied from a regulated 28 volt dc switched mode supply. If mains power is lost, the PSU automatically switches to battery power.

Batteries can be changed without interrupting power delivery. The battery connection is protected against damage from short or open circuits. Shorting the battery cables while they are disconnected from the batteries will not damage the power supply or interrupt its operation.

This PSU can deliver the full load current without any batteries connected.

Automatic fault supervision includes an automatic battery capacity check, an automatic battery presence test, and real-time monitoring for a range of fault conditions. The Fault LED lights up if the system has a fault. An internal seven-segment LED display identifies fault conditions. A normally energised fault relay provides a voltage-free changeover contact for signalling a fault condition to external equipment.

For new installations, a remote temperature sensor must be connected to the PSU. The sensor facilitates accurate temperature compensation for battery charging.


  • Mains-operated dc power supply
  • Supplies up to 21.5 amps system load
  • Charger output for 24 volt (nominal) standby batteries
  • Batteries can be changed without interrupting power supply to the load
  • Timed Power Relay allows external equipment (e.g. door holders) to be turned off during extended mains outages
  • Automatic battery backup
  • Capable of supplying full system load without batteries
  • Automatic fault supervision
  • Fault relay (normally energised)
  • Internal diagnostic 7-segment fault indicator
  • Fuse-protected 6-way output distribution
  • Temperature-compensated charging controlled by internal or remote battery temperature sensor
  • DIP-switch configurable for fire panel (Panel mode) or stand-alone applications (Stand-Alone mode)
  • Genuine replacement power supply for Pertronic F220® fire panels

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24V 22A Monitored PSU (AS7240.4)



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