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Pertronic Industries offer a range of fully monitored power supplies, suitable for powering ancillary fire alarm equipment

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Ext. Temp Sensor

External Temp. Sensor for AS 7240.4 Power Supplies


External Temperature Sensors (24/EXTEMPS) provide a remote battery temperature measurement for Pertronic AS 7240.4 power supplies.

The measurement controls the battery charger temperature compensation.

Pertronic External Temperature Sensors are available in various lengths, to suit a range of equipment cabinet sizes.

These sensors are compatible with the following Pertronic AS 7240 power supply units, and with auxiliary power supply systems based on them:

  • 24/5PSUV2-7240
  • 24/11PSUV2-7240
  • 24/22PSUV2-7240
  • 24/5PSU-7240
  • 24/11PSU-7240

The sensors are pre-terminated and plug into the power supply unit's control PCB.

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