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EA120 Amplifier

Amplifier 120W 24V

EA120 au

The Pertronic EA120 amplifier is a high performance amplifier for Pertronic F220 and F100A fire alarm systems.

With excellent sound clarity, this amplifier is suitable for all non-emergency and emergency applications including occupant warning, public address, and background music.

The on-board keyboard and LCD display provide speaker load measurement and other menu-driven test and management features, together with user-friendly configuration of operating settings, announcements, and signals. Configuration files can be saved and loaded via USB, allowing a single configuration file to be copied to multiple amplifiers.

The built-in audible signal generator produces signals and announcements for many purposes including the evacuation and alert signals specified in AS 4428.16. Additional signals including custom voice messages are easily added via USB.

The Pertronic EA120 features three audio inputs suitable for local and/or remote microphones and external audio sources including background music.

With a large number of easily configurable options, the Pertronic EA120 satisfies a wide range of audio system requirements.

Audible Signals

  • Library of pre-defined audible signals including:
    • AS 4428.16 evacuation and alert signals
    • 50 pre-defined tones
    • 23 pre-defined voice messages
    • Pre- and post-announcement chimes
  • Four voice message profiles: Australian male & female; and British male & female
  • User-friendly system for creating custom signals
  • Custom voice messages, voice profiles, and tones may be added to the on-board library via USB stick
  • Fully configurable signal priority system


  • 120 watt rms class D amplifier with supervised 100 volt rms line output
  • Configurable, single 120 watt output or dual 60 watt outputs
  • Excellent sound clarity for maximum intelligibility
  • Menu-controlled power measurement allows output load to be checked during installation or maintenance
  • User-friendly configuration with on-board keyboard and 5 x 16 character backlit display
  • Multiple EA60 and/or EA120 amplifiers may be factory-fitted to a single Pertronic fire panel
  • Master-Repeater mode allows one master amplifier to drive up to seven repeater amplifiers
  • Three balanced audio inputs with individual press-to-talk (PTT) or sound-activated (Vox) control
    • Input 1 may be configured as “Fire Mic” (supervised), “PA Mic”, or “Aux” input
    • Input 2 configurable as “PA Mic” or “Aux” input
    • Input 3 configurable as an “Aux” input, or as a single-ended stereo input, with the left and right channels combined in a built-in audio mixer
  • Configuration may be cloned via USB stick
  • ADM-4 interface provides up to 4 channels per line output, individually selectable by the fire panel
  • Supervised 24 V dc 2-wire strobe (VAD) output:
    • Supports single or dual strobe systems
    • Configurable to activate on any fire panel event
    • Dual VAD colour determined by output polarity
  • Assignable form C relay, configurable to activate on any combination of Common Fault, Amplifier Active, Amplifier Disabled or Isolated, Test Alarm, PTT, FIP Active, Strobe On, or Bell-In Active
  • Isolated RS-485 interface to Pertronic analogue addressable fire panels
  • Twenty-event time-stamped history log
  • Compatible with Pertronic and third-party fire panels
  • Resettable country presets for AU or NZ standards
  • Complies with AS 4428.16:2020 and NZS 4512:2021

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Evac Amplifier 120W 24V DC with Integral Tones Voice Messages & VAD O/P



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