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Unidirectional Projection Speaker 20 W

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The Undirectional Projection Speaker (L-VJM20A/ENC) is an AS ISO 7240.24-certified 100 Volt line speaker for Australian emergency warning, voice alarm, and public address systems. The wide frequency response and high audio quality make the L-VJM20A/ENC suitable for music and speech reproduction, providing accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation and PA messages. It can be used in indoor, outdoor, dry, or wet applications.

To ensure compatibility with commonly-used fire evacuation systems, the speaker incorporates a series blocking capacitor and 100V-Line transformer.


  • Wide frequency response suitable for public address (PA) and background music
  • Excellent speech reproduction suitable for emergency warning and voice alarm
  • Selectable power tappings, 2.5 W, 5 W, 10 W, 20 W
  • Sound pressure, 90 dB SPL at 1 Watt, 1 metre, pink noise per AS ISO 7240.24
  • Fitted with series blocking capacitor and 100 VRMS line transformer
  • Compatible with EWS line supervision systems
  • Aluminium housing
  • IP 65 protection
  • Independently tested and SAI Global StandardsMark certified to AS ISO 7240.24:2015

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AS7240 - Unidirectional PROJECTION loudspeaker, 20/10/5/2.5W,White, Aluminium, with capacitor

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