Emergency Warning Systems

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EWIS System

Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System


The QE90 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) is designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency. The evacuation may be initiated automatically by a Fire Alarm system, or by a building occupant operating an emergency call-point. Integrating a flexible alarm and voice warning system with a dedicated emergency intercom system, the QE90 allows fire wardens or emergency services personnel to easily control and coordinate rapid building evacuation. The QE90 meets the control and indicating equipment requirements of installation standard AS1670.4, complies with equipment standard AS2220.1 and supports the ISO8201 evacuation signal.


  • Emergency Warning System: generates and controls audible warning signals via dedicated amplifiers and loudspeakers for each building zone. An emergency microphone allows public address by zone or globally 
  • Emergency Intercommunication System: provides dedicated communication between Emergency Control Panel (ECP) and Warden Intercommunication Points (WIPs) in each zone 
  • Secondary ECPs (SECPs): may be connected to allow control and monitoring of the Main ECP (MECP) from multiple locations 
  • Networking Capability: extends the concept of secondary ECPs to enable multiple ECPs and / or equipment racks to be interconnected throughout a large building complex or site 
  • Easy Operation: ergonomically designed vertical format keyboard aids user perception and operation. Membrane keys with indicators provide positive feedback of operation. Manual key-switch selects Automatic, Manual or Isolate 
  • Flexible Configuration: choice of 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 Watt RMS power amplifier modules, selection of ISO8201 or AS2220 Evacuate signals, Background Music (BGM), local and non-emergency paging by zone, up to 3 discrete WIP locations available per zone, Emergency Alarms and Public Address override non-emergency features, customised cascade sequence available to suit applications, modular construction suits future extensions 
  • Special digitised voice messages available for both Evacuate and Alert signals 
  • Duplicated communications link between MECP and SECP(s), and between networked ECPs 
  • All circuits fully monitored for cable faults 
  • Modular construction facilitates fault diagnosis and repair 
  • Site programmable facilities include delays, zone grouping, zone isolation, cascade enable/disable and service fault history access 
  • Factory programmable facilities include the system itself, control relay outputs, special cascade sequences, warden zones, call-point mapping and other optional features



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