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Enscape Conventional Sounder

CWSO RR S1 web

The Enscape Sounder is an audible warning device. The folded horn design offers outstanding sound output with low current drain. The warning tone may be configured from a choice of 32 recognised warning tones.

These devices connect to the “EXT BELL” output of Pertronic Fire Indicator Panels (FIP).


  • Suitable for wall and ceiling mount applications
  • Global tone set: 32 tones including a new bell tone
  • Range of installation and base options, for indoor and applications up to IP65
  • Suitable for 12 VDC, and 24 VDC (nominal) systems
  • Superior sound output and low current consumption
  • 32 tones all approved to EN54-3
  • Adjustable volume settings
  • Two stage sounders enable alert and alarm sequences to be set for phased evacuation
  • Synchronised sound output
  • First fix capability allowing electrical continuity testing prior to device fitting
  • Deep base option with multiple cable entries for flexible installation
  • These devices broadcast the audible alarm signal when provided with a DC power supply of correct voltage and polarity
  • Compatible with the fault supervision system on Pertronic fire indicator panel External Bell & Warning System outputs

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