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T3 Tone Lamp/Sounder


The PLS-T3 is a Sounder and LED unit that provides both an audible and visual warning in accordance with the AS2220 or ISO8201 Standards. The PLS-T3 light output is generated from a matrix of 6 red LED emitters to give a maximum output of 30 mcd. The Sounder provides a maximum sound level of 98 dBA, which may be adjusted by a volume control.

The PLS-T3 is normally connected to the monitored bell or sounder circuit of a fire alarm panel and is activated when the sounder circuit voltage polarity is reversed to the ‘Alarm’ state. If required, the sounder and LED can be wired separately for applications where the LED and sounder work independently of each other. The PLS-T3 may be mounted in a standard single-gang electrical flush-box fitting.


  • Separate ‘Alert’ and ‘Evacuation’ alarms, as specified by AS2220 or ISO8201 (T3) standards
  • Adjustable sound level, maximum 98 dBA
  • Optional ‘Lamp-Only’ connection for applications that require only a visual alarm
  • Designed for fit into a standard single-gang flush or surface-mount electrical fitting
  • Supplied with a protective plastic cover to facilitate installation during building construction
  • Available in Red or White
  • Third wire for selecting alert mode

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T3 tone, Lamp / Sounder with Red Cover, 12/24Vdc


T3 Tone, Lamp / Sounder with White Cover, 12/24Vdc

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