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Addressable Sounder Base with T3 Tones


The Pertronic Sounder Base (PSB-T3) is an addressable plug-in detector base with built-in audible alarm sounder. The PSB-T3 generates an audible signal when the detector is in alarm, or when directly activated by a bell or WARN SYSTEM circuit.

The PSB-T3 generates an ISO 8201 T3 evacuation signal. It can also be used to generate an alert signal.


  • High sound pressure level, up to 95 dB at 1 metre with 24 Vdc
  • Can be powered directly from the analogue addressable (AA) loop for local warning (reduced output level), and/or to a monitored warning system circuit for global activation
  • Multiple sounders can be activated together from a single detector alarm
  • Alert or Evacuate (configurable) signal from local detector activation
  • Can be mounted as surface or semi-recessed
  • Accepts System Sensor 200 series analogue addressable detectors
  • Remote LED output
  • Compatible with Pertronic F220 and F100A fire panels

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Pertronic AA Sounder Base with AUS T3 Tones

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