Sounders with Strobes

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Sounder + Strobe Outdoor, 12/24 VDC


The Outdoor Sounder + Strobe (P2RHK-P) is a conventional (dc-operated) alarm device. This is suitable for applications requiring a very bright visual alarm, over and above the performance of standard AS ISO 7240.23 listed devices.

UL listed for wall and ceiling mount applications in wet environments, the P2RHK-P provides seven configurable brightness levels. The P2RHK-P also provides an audible alarm with three volume settings and a choice of temporal (T3) or continuous alarm tone. Rear-mounted switches allow the brightness, tone, and volume to be configured in the field.

This alarm device is supplied with a plug-in mounting plate that allows the wiring to be installed and tested without fitting the alarm device. A shorting spring in the mounting base provides electrical continuity when the device is not plugged in.

A captive mounting screw secures the installed device to the mounting base. The P2RHK-P is supplied complete with weatherproof plastic back boxes that accommodate “line in + line out” wiring. The back boxes feature removable side flanges, ¾-inch threaded top and bottom conduit entries, and 19 mm knock-outs at the back.

A kit containing a red strobe lens and a pair of “FIRE” decals (white text on red background) is available for these alarm devices.


  • Weatherproof to NEMA 4X and IP56
  • Switch-configurable brightness (candela): 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, 115, 135, 150, 177 and 185
  • Switch-configurable tones: T3 or Continuous » Switch-configurable volume: Low, Medium, High
  • Sounder rated at 88 dBA at 16 volts
  • Fully compatible with 24 volt dc and 24 volt FWR (full wave rectified) systems
  • Also operate on 12 volt dc or 12 volt FWR systems at 15 or 15/75 candela brightness settings
  • Mounting plate shorting spring allows wiring continuity check before device installation
  • Tamper-resistant construction
  • Compatible with Pertronic fire alarm control panel External Bell outputs
  • Plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box
  • UL listed to UL 464, “Audible Signaling Devices for Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems, Including Accessories” (public mode)
  • UL listed to UL 1638, “Visible Signaling Devices for Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems, Including Accessories” (public mode)
  • Flashes when provided with a DC power supply of correct voltage and polarity, it also broadcasts an audible alarm signal

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2 Wire Sounder / Strobe High Candela, Red, Outdoor, 12/24 VDC

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