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2 Wire Outdoor Strobe, 12/24 VDC


The Outdoor Strobe (SRHKRLFIRE) is a conventional (dc-operated) alarm device with a red lens. It is suitable for applications requiring a very bright red visual alarm, over and above the performance of AS ISO 7240.23 listed devices.

UL listed for wall and ceiling mount applications in wet environments, the SRHKRLFIRE provides eleven configurable brightness levels. Rear-mounted switches allow the brightness to be configured in the field.

This alarm device is supplied with a plug-in mounting plate that allows the wiring to be installed and tested without fitting the alarm device. A shorting spring in the mounting base provides electrical continuity when the device is not plugged in.

A captive mounting screw secures the installed device to the mounting base.

The SRHKRLFIRE is supplied complete with a weatherproof plastic back box that accommodates “line in + line out” wiring. The back box features removable side flanges, ¾-inch threaded top and bottom conduit entries, and 19 mm knock-outs at the back.


  • Weatherproof to NEMA 4X and IP56
  • Switch-configurable brightness settings, marked: “15”, “15/75”, “30”, “75”, “95”, “110”, “115”, “135”, “150”, “177” and “185” (see note)
  • Red lens
  • Fully compatible with 24 volt dc and 24 volt FWR (full wave rectified) systems
  • Also operates on 12 volt systems at 15 or 15/75 candela brightness settings
  • Mounting plate shorting spring allows wiring continuity check before device installation
  • Tamper-resistant construction
  • Compatible with Pertronic fire panel Warning System and External Bell outputs
  • Plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box
  • UL listed to UL 1638, “Visible Signaling Devices for Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems, Including Accessories” (public mode)
  • This device flashes when provided with a DC power supply of correct voltage and polarity

NOTE: Brightness Settings The SRHKRLFIRE is fitted with a red lens. The lens reduces the flash brightness by 85% with respect to the candela settings marked on the device.

For example, at the maximum brightness setting (Marked “185”), the SRHKRLFIRE can be expected to provide a brightness of 27 candela.

NOTE: The SRHKRLFIRE is not listed under AS 7240

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2 Wire Outdoor VAD, High Candela, Red Body, Red Flash, 12/24 V dc

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