What’s New in F220 & NET2 V6.00?

Version 6.00 of our F220 & Net2 product range introduces new networking features that save time and enhance security.

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Introducing the VESDA-E VES

The new VESDA-E VES aspirating smoke detector allows a single fire zone to be divided into up to four individually sampled sectors.

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VES 4 Pipes 750w

885-WP Conventional Heat Detector IP66

The 885-WP is a conventional weatherproof rate of rise heat detector with 60 °C static threshold, certified to AS 7240.5–2004 Type A2R.

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885 WP 600wide

Pertronic Operations During the Coronavirus Situation

Pertronic offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth remain open for business.

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FireMap Messager Automatically Sends Event Notifications by Email, Pager or Printed Message

Pertronic FireMap Messaging Interface enables Pertronic FireMap® systems to automatically send email, pager, or printed messages in response to pre-determined events.

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FireMap pager

BMS Connectivity for F220/Net2 Systems

Two Pertronic BMS interface units are now available for F220 fire detection and alarm systems. Both products provide bi-directional communication between a building management system (BMS) and the fire system.

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SPIB Modbus Interface with text

Advanced new generation VESDA-E products to replace Vesda VLP and VLC

From the first of November, the VESDA-E VEP range of aspirating smoke detectors will replace most of the VESDA Laser Plus (VLP) and VESDA Laser Compact (VLC) aspirating smoke detectors.

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vesda e vep

A New Cabinet for Mid-Sized F220s

Our new 22U rack cabinet for the F220 provides an intermediate size between our popular 16U and 28U cabinets.

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22U news

Introducing the Pertronic Emergency Telephone System

The Pertronic Emergency Telephone System (ETS) allows fire-fighters to communicate in facilities where hand-held two-way radios may not be dependable.

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ets 11

New Features in Pertronic F220 v5.0

Controlling the deluge system in Sydney’s M4E motorway tunnels is the job of a Pertronic Net2 Network with 92 F220 Fire Indicator Panels.

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F220 v5.0 news

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