FireUtils® v7.00 Supports the Latest Pertronic Products: Upgrade Now to Use the New Features!

FireUtils v7.0 2020

FireUtils® v7.00 supports the F220 & Net2 v7.00 product range. This new release also features two new network maintenance and analysis tools.

The Virtual NCU provides logged in FireUtils® users with full control and monitoring of a complete Net2 network system from an Ethernet-connected laptop or personal computer.

The FireUtils® System Log Copier imports operating system logs from connected F220 panels or Net2 network systems. Pertronic support engineers can use information from these logs to help solve tricky issues. (Note that these logs are additional to the F220 history logs, which are also available in FireUtils®.)

Please install the latest version of FireUtils®. This ensures your config files will be compatible with the latest F220 and Net2 products. FireUtils® v7.00 is compatible with all versions of the Pertronic F220, the Pertronic Net2 Network, and related products.

Click here to download the latest version of Pertronic FireUtils