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Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit


The Refrigeration Sampling Kit (VSP-860) consists of a funnel-shaped sampling nozzle and a kit of parts for installing the nozzle inside a cold storage facility. This type of sampling nozzle is recommended for areas where higher humidity can be expected (for example, as a result of vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic).

The nozzle is designed to reduce blockages caused by ice buildup.

The installation kit allows the nozzle to be installed inside the facility, with a sampling tube passing through the sandwich insulating panel. This tube connects with a sampling pipe located outside the cold area.

The nozzle and other components for use inside the cold area are made of ABS plastic, suitable for temperatures down to -40 °C (-40 °F).


  • Enables the sampling pipe to be installed, inspected and maintained outside the refrigerated storage facility
  • Suitable for facilities with and without ceiling cavities
  • Eliminates the need for expensive HDPE high density polyethylene) pipe inside the refrigerated storage facility
  • Less prone to ice blockage than cone-shaped sampling nozzles
  • Recommended for installation in areas where higher humidity can be expected

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Vesda Freezer Room Sample Point Kits ( Complete)

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