Analogue Addressable Detectors

Pertronic Industries Intelligent Smoke Detectors cater for a wide range of detection applications. Each analogue addressable detector reports the precise location and zone of a fire incident to the fire alarm control panel.

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WB-1AP Adapter Base

Detector Adapter Base

wb -1ap-iv

Because excessive humidity may cause nuisance alarms, installation of smoke detectors in very humid environments should be avoided, if possible. However, code regulations often require detectors in publicfacilities where humidity is a problem, such as locker rooms in schools, spas, and sports facilities. For such environments, System Sensor has developed a molded plastic enclosure kit for  detector adapter bases that minimizes the effect of condensation on the detectors equipped with it. The enclosure is designed to accommodate 18.6 mm conduit, using either a gland fitted into the knock out / drill out holes, or a plastic / rubber grommet - depending on installation requirements. The top has a center knock out / drill out hole for a pendant mounting, while four knock out / drill out hole are placed in the side of the enclosure if side connection is required for surface mounting. For surface mounting, side tabs are provided so the enclosure can be screwed or bolted directly to the ceiling surface. A side conduit connection can be used. For pendant mounting, the enclosure and the detector can be suspended directly from a centre conduit connection.

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Detector Adapter Base Enclosure for Humid Environments, Ivory


Detector Adapter Base Enclosure for Humid Environments, White

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