F220/Net2 Network

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Net2 Network Control Unit

F220 Full Function w250

The Net2 Network Control Unit (NET2-NCUA) provides remote access to information from a Pertronic Net2 Network System.

This unit may be programmed (using FireUtils®) to control selected F220 panels in a Net2 network. It may also be programmed to display information from additional connected F220 panels. Alternatively, it may be configured to control an entire Net2 Network.


  • Remote display for F220 Net2 Network System
  • Seven-inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT LCD colour display
  • Coloured display screens clearly identify panel status
  • Keyboard-Display identical to F220 fire alarm control panel keyboard-display including:
    - Full F220 menu controls with Door Holder and ACF Disable with individual LED indication
    - Cursor control keypad for event and menu navigation
    - Numeric keypad for menu navigation and data entry
    - Four context-sensitive Soft Function Keys
  • External control inputs for Door, Slience Buzze, and Slience Alarms, Auxiliary, Auxiliary Fault Input
  • Internal local buzzer disable switch
  • Output for a remote Alarm buzzer
  • Cable length up to two kilometres, when using a Pertronic RS-485 Repeater/Splitter
  • USB port for rapid firmware upgrade (located inside the cabinet to prevent unauthorised access)

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