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Net2 Enhanced Mini-Mimic

F220 EMM

A remote display unit that provides access to information from any or all panels on a Net2 system.

A Net2 Enhanced Mini-Mimic can be mapped to every panel on a network, or it can be mapped to any number of F220 fire indicator panels on the network. There are no constraints. Each NET2-EMMA on a Net2 Network has its own independent mapping.


  • Seven-inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT LCD colour display
  • Coloured display screens clearly identify panel status
  • Easily readable 5 mm text height on Alarm screen
  • LOCAL RESET and NEXT EVENT buttons
  • Cursor control keypad
  • Four context-sensitive soft function keys
  • LOCAL RESET button may be disabled via internal DIP switch
  • Local Alarm buzzer
  • Output for a remote Alarm buzzer

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