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Pertronic Industries offer an extensive range of Mimic and Repeater Displays. This includes: LCD Mimics, LED Mimics, Ancillary Peripheral Outputs & Displays, and General Purpose Interface Boards

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F100A LCD Mimic

F100 mimic mkII aus

The Pertronic F100A LCD Mimic allows remote display of messages from a F100A panel. The Pertronic F100A LCD Mimic can perform all the keyboard-display functions of the F100A panel, except programming of the panel, from a remote location. Up to 8 addressable F100A LCD Mimics may be connected to a F100A panel and operate in ‘Full Duplex’ mode. Mini-Mimics, with partial controls, to a maximum of 8 may also be added with full monitoring. Extra devices may be added to the RS485 bus in non-monitored mode.


  • Sleek, low-profile design 
  • 2 line, 40 character, alpha-numeric LCD display 
  • Backlit LCD Display in ‘Alarm’ or ‘Fault’ Condition 
  • Three LEDs to indicate ‘Fire’, ‘Fault’ and ‘Isolate’ status 
  • Local buzzer with extension buzzer output 
  • Low Power consumption 
  • ‘Warning System Isolate’ switch: cancels the warning system circuits 
  • ‘External Bell Isolate’ switch: cancels the external bell circuit 
  • ‘Warning System On’ switch: operates the warning system circuits 
  • ‘Previous’ switch: used to navigate forwards through alarm queues and logs 
  • ‘Next’ switch: used to navigate backwards through alarm queues and logs 
  • ‘ACK’ switch: acknowledges individual alarms 
  • ‘Reset’ switch: resets individual alarms after alarm activation 
  • ‘Isolate’ switch: used to isolate and de-isolate loop devices or zones 
  • Full Menu controls with Door Holder Isolate, ACF Iso

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F100A AUS LCD Full Function Mimic



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