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Pertronic Industries offer an extensive range of Mimic and Repeater Displays. This includes: LCD Mimics, LED Mimics, Ancillary Peripheral Outputs & Displays, and General Purpose Interface Boards

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F220 Full Function Mimic

F220 Full Function w250

The Pertronic F220 Full Function Mimic provides remote control and monitoring of an F220 fire panel.

The F220 Full Function Mimic has the same 7 inch (180 mm) colour LCD display used on the F220 fire panel. The coloured display screens clearly identify the panel status. Red status bars and large easy to read text descriptors identify the Alarm mode.


  • Remote display and control unit for the Pertronic F220® fire panel
  • Seven-inch 800 x 480 pixel TFT LCD colour display
  • Coloured display screens clearly identify panel status
  • Easily readable 5 mm text height on Alarm screen
  • Keyboard-Display identical to F220 fire panel keyboard-display including:
    • Full F220 menu controls with Door Holder and ACF Disable with individual LED indication
    • Cursor control keypad for event and menu navigation
    • Numeric keypad for menu navigation and data entry
    • Four context-sensitive Soft Function Keys
  • External control inputs: Warning System On (“TE”), Silence Alarms (“BCO”), Door
  • Auxiliary Fault Input
  • Local alarm buzzer
  • Internal local buzzer disable switch
  • Output for a remote alarm buzzer
  • Cable length up to two kilometres, when using a Pertronic RS-485 Repeater/Splitter

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