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Building Occupant Warning System

bows controller

The Pertronic Industries BOWS Control Unit has been designed to provide an easy to use, reliable audible alert system. Inbuilt microcontrollers and amplifier enable the unit to produce clear, audible tones and voice messages to multiple speakers. Configuration via rotary switches provides simple control of Alert and Evacuate stages. Designed for easy incorporation with Pertronic Industries Fire Panels, as well as other third party systems.


  • 44 tone/voice combinations available
  • 2 voice messages available
  • Monitored Fire Panel input
  • Simple manual control of Isolate, Auto, Alert, and Evac output modes via rotary switch
  • Optional RS485 connection to Pertronic Fire Panels
  • Dual stage configuration options
  • Configurable staging delay
  • Integrated microphone with Press To Talk (PTT) for PA announcements
  • Volume control for microphone, tones, and voice messages
  • Integral 50W or 120W amplifier options
  • Fault relay outputs
  • Integrated Manual Call Point for Evacuation

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BOWS Controller, 50W EVAC, 4A PSU in 10U Rack cabinet


BOWS Controller, 120W EVAC, Tone Gen, 4A PSU in 10U Rack Cabinet


BOWS Controller, 120W EVAC, Tone Gen, 12A PSU in 16U Rack Cabinet


BOWS Controller, 250W EVAC, Tone Gen, 4A PSU in 16U Rack Cabinet

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