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Emergency Telephone System


The Pertronic Emergency Telephone System (ETS) is a self-contained, fully protected telephone system for the exclusive use of fire-fighters. The system provides party-call communication between fire-fighters. It is intended for facilities in which the emergency services radio communication system is likely to experience difficulties, or as otherwise specified by the local fire authority.

The ETS consists of an ETS Master Controller, up to 100 ETS Isolating Jack-Points located throughout the facility, and a set of up to ten portable ETS Handsets. A purpose-built lockable cabinet with shelf space for up to ten Pertronic ETS Handsets is also available.

The ETS Master Controller has a built-in backup battery. It will continue to function if all other telephones or electrical systems fail. The battery and system wiring are supervised for faults.

Short-circuit isolators are built in to every jack-point, and to the loop terminals on the master controller. A single wiring fault (open or short circuit) will not affect the operation of any handset in the system.

Advantages of the Pertronic system include excellent audio quality, battery condition monitoring, fault tolerance due to the presence of a short-circuit isolator in each jack-point, and automatic recovery from fault isolation.

System Features

  • Excellent audio quality when wired with twisted-pair cable
  • Fault tolerant: The system is fully operational with a single short-circuit or open-circuit cable fault
  • Operates over a loop of twisted pair cable, with both ends connected to the Master unit
  • Automatic recovery when the fault condition is resolved
  • Up to 100 Jack-Points, 10 Handsets
  • Separate terminals for Loop-Out and Loop-Return connections
  • Daily automatic battery capacity check
  • Automatic battery present test performed every ten seconds
  • Historic fault indication
  • External DC supply input, for external battery-backed power supply
  • Complies with Melbourne MFB Guideline GL-01, v.6: The Installation of MFB Emergency Telephone and Leaky Cable Communication Systems

Master Controller

  • Metal wall-mount cabinet
  • Internal backup battery
  • Power supply supervision
  • Battery supervision (missing battery and low voltage)
  • Wiring supervision – open and short circuit faults
  • Audible (buzzer) and visible (LED) fault indications
  • External supervisory fault relay output (clean contact, form C)
  • Detailed internal fault indication


  • Mounted in metal carry box with carry strap
  • Compact and lightweight (1.4 kg )


  • Automatic short-circuit detection and isolation
  • Fits Australian and New Zealand industry-standard fire-rated electrical single flush-boxes
  • May be installed in third-party surface-mount boxes
  • Loud internal ringer (70 dBA @ 1 metre)
  • Call button to alert other users
  • External indication of isolator activation
  • Symmetrical loop interface with two interchangeable LOOP connections

Phone Storage Cabinet

  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Five shelves with room for ten ETS Handsets
  • Clear polycarbonate window
  • Standard firefighter’s key lock

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