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Ceiling Grills

Slimline Speaker Grills


These slimline speaker grills have several advantages over traditional grills. They both enable the speaker to be recessed into the body of the grill which results in a smaller hole required in the ceiling. This in turn allows a greater distance between the outside of the cutout and the fixing screws of the grill. This has been a major problem in the past with smaller speakers, as the material left between the cutout and the fixing holes would often break away. Both the C 0805 and C 0815 have push-in caps which conceal the fixing screws, and both can be fixed to gypsum or plasterboard ceiling with the self-drilling and tapping C 0825 'Gypsee' screws. The speaker can be mounted on the grill and then the entire assembly mounted into place as one unit. Their ultra-slim profile makes them suitable for architecturally sensitive applications.


  • Ultra slim profile
  • High acoustic transparency
  • Push in caps to conceal mounting screws
  • Simple to install
  • Loudspeaker recesses into grill body
  • Constructed from tough, high-impact polystyrene
  • Australian Made
  • Grills can be painted to match surrounding decor

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200mm (8") Ceiling Speaker Grill - White


100mm (4") Ceiling Speaker Grill - White Slim



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