Create Customised Emergency Messages with our Text to Speech Tool

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We often hear that fire alarm installers have been asked for custom evacuation and speech messages. However, this used to be quite expensive.

The Pertronic text to speech tool overcomes this problem. Our EA series TTS tool allows fire alarm technicians to quickly and easily produce custom messages for our EA Series Amplifiers.

A typical application may be for a cinema, which might need one evacuation message for smoke in the lobby, and a separate message for smoke in one of the auditoriums.

Speech messages created with our TTS tool closely resemble natural speech, while maintaining a sense of composure and consistency, which is exactly what's needed during an emergency.

The online text to speech tool is easily accessible from the Pertronic website and free to use for Pertronic customers.

Pertronic EA Series Amplifiers can be programmed with up to five pre-recorded custom speech messages.

How it works:

To create a speech message, the user specifies the gender and nationality (accent) of the voice, and types the message into the TTS tool.

The TTS tool fetches a raw message from a third-party text to speech generator. This raw file is amplified before any further processing.

The TTS tool analyses the amplified speech message, and may recommend further amplification. If the user decides to amplify the message, the tool boosts the audio level and applies digital soft limiting.

When the user is satisfied, they can download the messages (as a *.wav file) to a USB stick, from which it is easily transferred to one or more Pertronic EA series amplifiers.

The EA series amplifier’s keyboard and LCD display allow users to create a complete emergency signal. The speech message is combined with one or more tones from the amplifier’s library of 50 factory installed tones.

The tool is available from the Pertronic website, and works on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

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