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New Pertronic F220 Power Supplies

All new Pertronic F220 fire panels are now manufactured with “V2” AS 7240.4 power supplies. The new power supplies provide increased output current during periods of high demand.

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Remote Temperature Sensors for F220 Power Supplies

Remote temperature sensors ensure correct battery charge voltage temperature compensation for Pertronic AS 7240.4 power supplies.

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Remote Temperature Sensor

Pertronic wins Rozelle Interchange contract

Pertronic F220 fire system equipment has been selected for Sydney’s Rozelle Interchange, a new underground motorway junction beneath inner Sydney.

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Simplify Fire System Installation and Maintenance with the F220 Virtual Keyboard

The FireUtils virtual keyboard provides full control of an F220 system from a laptop or PC.

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Information Presentation in Pertronic F220® Network Systems

With the Pertronic F220 you always know what’s happening, even from a distance.

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Pertronic F220 Network Now ActivFire Listed to AS 7240.13

We are very pleased to announce that the 133-node Pertronic F220 & Net2 Network is ActivFire listed under the Australian fire alarm system interconnection standard, AS 7240.13.

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What’s New in F220 & NET2 V6.00?

Version 6.00 of our F220 & Net2 product range introduces new networking features that save time and enhance security.

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A New Cabinet for Mid-Sized F220s

Our new 22U rack cabinet for the F220 provides an intermediate size between our popular 16U and 28U cabinets.

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New Features in Pertronic F220 v5.0

Controlling the deluge system in Sydney’s M4E motorway tunnels is the job of a Pertronic Net2 Network with 92 F220 Fire Indicator Panels.

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133-Node F220 AS 7240.13 Network

Independent testing has confirmed that the Pertronic F220/Net2 Network complies with AS 7240.13: 2006.

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