New FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detector


Introducing the new, economical FAAST FLEX aspirating smoke detector featuring silent operation and a wide operating temperature range.

The FAAST FLEX is suitable for applications in sub-zero environments as cold as -40°C. It is designed to operate in unheated environments and environments subject to extremely low temperatures, such as refrigerated storage facilities, freezers, lift and service shafts, unheated industrial facilities, and warehouses.

The FAAST FLEX is well suited for applications where noise is an issue, with a typical noise level of 30 dB. The quiet operation and the adjustable fan speed render the system practically silent.

The product is available in single and dual channel versions. Each sensing channel has its own pipe inlet, filter, smoke sensor, and flow monitoring system.

Visit the product pages for more information: FAAST FLEX, FAAST FLEX Aspire