Simplify Fire System Installation and Maintenance with the F220 Virtual Keyboard

Fireutils Virtual Display Normal

The FireUtils virtual keyboard provides full control of an F220 system from a laptop or PC.

The virtual keyboard looks exactly like the F220’s physical keyboard/display unit. On an F220-Net2 network, it simulates the F220-Net2 network control unit (NCU). On a single panel system, the simulator mimics the F220 fire panel’s keyboard/display unit.

To operate a key on the virtual keyboard, click the relevant area on the computer display. The connected fire system will respond exactly as if you pressed the corresponding key on the fire panel or NCU. The virtual display will replicate the fire system’s LCD display, and light up any activated LEDs.

The FireUtils virtual keyboard is designed for use when changing the fire system configuration or transferring information such as reports and logs. It’s especially handy for building or maintaining an F220-Net2 network with “headless” fire panels. A headless F220 fire panel does not have a keyboard/display unit. The virtual keyboard does everything the F220 keyboard/display can do, which means a laptop can be used as a temporary keyboard/display.

Pertronic FireUtils communicates with an F220-Net2 network or any F220 fire panel via a password-protected Ethernet connection. For safety reasons we recommend that fire systems should not be connected to the internet; use a dedicated Ethernet connection between the laptop and the fire system.

The FireUtils virtual keyboard simplifies installation and maintenance. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go next time you install or maintain an F220 fire system.

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 Minor changes 13 Sep 2021