F220 Occupant Warning Amplifier is Easy to Customise

The F220 occupant warning system (OWS) is a facility-wide sound system for occupant warning, public address, background music, and other audio applications.

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New Power Supply for Larger F220 Systems

Our new AS 7240.4-compliant 22 amp dc power supply has now been released for larger Pertronic F220® systems.

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Upgrading Production Processes at Pertronic

Our surface mount assembly lines were recently upgraded with new automatic optical inspection (AOI) machines. The $200,000 machines automatically create a three-dimensional image of every surface-mount component on every printed...

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Information Presentation in Pertronic F220® Network Systems

With the Pertronic F220 you always know what’s happening, even from a distance.

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Resettable Analogue Addressable Call Point

The MCP5A call point features a flexible plastic panel in place of the traditional glass element. When pressed, the flexible panel slides downward, triggering an alarm signal.

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Sydney Branch has Moved

Our Sydney branch moved to a new location over the weekend of April 10th and 11th.

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AS ISO 7240.23-Certified Addressable Visual Alarm Devices

Our new range of AS ISO 7240.23-certified strobes and sounder-strobes fill the need for individually addressable visual alarm devices.

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New Solenoid Interfaces for Critical Applications

We introduce five new interfaces for driving solenoids from analogue addressable modules.

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5 W Low Profile AS 7240.24 Speaker

The C2160A ceiling speaker has a 65 mm mounting depth and fits very tight ceiling spaces. The rat-trap mounting system makes for quick installation and easy removal.

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Net2 Network Layout Utility

The F220/Net2 Network System Layout Tool creates a spreadsheet table representing the layout of an F220/Net2 network.

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