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Warning System Devices Datasheets


EA60 60W Amplifier Datasheet

EVAC250W24V & EVAC120W24V Datasheet

ADM-4 Datasheet

ADM-2-PMB125 Datasheet

Warning System Control & Evac Zone Select Unit / Slave Unit Datasheet

Desk Microphone C0379 Datasheet

Speakers (AS ISO 7240.24)

C2160A Datasheet

C2160 / C2161 Datasheet

C2170 Datasheet

L-VCP06D Datasheet 

CF0703 Datasheet

CF2053G Datasheet

L-VWM06A/ENC Datasheet

L-VJM10A/ENC Datasheet

L-VJM20A/ENC Datasheet


PSS5-LP, PSS5-LPSME Datasheet

CC2099/CB2098 Datasheet

C2168C/C2169 Datasheet

C2142 Datasheet

C2048 Datasheet

C2050 Datasheet

C2053 Datasheet (Discontinued)

C2101C Datasheet (Discontinued)

C0703/C0704 Datasheet

BCS-HS10E Datasheet

BCS-CS4BW Datasheet

BCS-CS8BW Datasheet (Discontinued)

Ceiling Grills C0815, C0805 Datasheet


BSO Series Detector Base Sounder Datasheet

LASS Series Datasheet

PSB-T3 Datasheet

CWSO-RR-S1 Datasheet

SSM Alarm Bell Datasheet

PS1-T3 Datasheet

PLS-T3-NC Datasheet

DBS1224B4W Datasheet

Zonal Bell Monitor Board Datasheet

Sounders with Strobes

DSS-PC Datasheet

WSS-PC Datasheet

P2RHK-P Datasheet

BSS-DR-N34 Datasheet

WSS-PR-N34 Datasheet

CWSS Series Datasheet

LASS Sounder-Strobe Series Datasheet

VADs & Strobes

Solista LX Ceiling-Mount Datasheet

Solista LX Wall-Mount Datasheet

SRHK-P Datasheet

Solex Xenon Beacon Datasheet

WST Series Datasheet

Coloured Strobe Lens Datasheet

AV Signs

Audio Visual Sign Datasheet

Weatherproof AVS Datasheet

Weatherproof AVS with Sounder Datasheet

Emergency Warning Systems

EWIS Datasheet

BOWS Datasheet

Warning System Control Unit Datasheet

Emergency Telephone System Installation Datasheet

Fire Phone A2096 Datasheet